Fourth Axis 3-jaw self-centering chuck for JWX-10

or MDX-40 with ZCL-40 rotary

(Product code: 3JC-KIT)

3 jaw automatic chuck with the included wax tube centering arbor in place.

Fourth Axis has developed a 3-jaw chuck system for the JWX-10 (or MDX-40 with ZCL-40 rotary) which has unique features. Our chuck system is NOT mounted via a threaded post, because such mounting does not give ideal concentricity, nor permit dismount/remount to exactly the same rotation angle.

Backplate, mounting hardware and tools to fit JWX-10 (or MDX-40 with ZCL-40 rotary) are included.

Our split mounting system relies on two precision plates - one secured concentric with the JWX-10 (or MDX-40 with ZCL-40 rotary) by three socket head screws, the second carrying the chuck mechanism. They align perfectly concentric, thanks to the one-piece stepped boss. Rotation is repeatable, thanks to rotation stops on the 3 joining screws.

3-jaw chuck can be dismounted from JWX-10 (or MDX-40 with ZCL-40 rotary) and replaced with ideal concentricity and rotation angle.

This self-centering chuck has reversible jaws, to hold different diameter ranges. They also allow you to grip objects from inside or outside. Several examples are illustrated - a 51mm metal hemisphere held from ouside, a 95mm silver disc held from inside, a 28mm wax tube using the aluminum centering arbor, which also prevents crushing or distortion.

Securely holding 95mm silver disc by the inside diameter

You can even remove the chuck, still securely holding the workpiece, for inspection or for manual detailing during the machining process. Be confident it can be restored to the precise original position in the mill, for further operations.

Securely holding 28mm wax tube with centering arbor

Included with this product are

(vernier calipers shown for scale are not included)

Securely holding 51mm metal hemisphere by outside diameter.

Also see our independent 4-jaw chuck system 4JC-KIT with similar mounting, suitable for D-shape tubes, slabs and other asymmetric workpieces.

4JC-KIT is the preferred equipment for FlipFlopWax Procedure by Fourth Axis. See our our FlipFlopWax tutorial and the ArtCAM thread