Fourth Axis 4-jaw independent chuck for JWX-30

or MDX-40A with ZCL-40A rotary

(Product code: 4JC-34A)

JWX-30 and MDX-40A have an indexing pin and a 14mm 'center of the universe'.

Fourth Axis has developed a 4-jaw chuck system for JWX-30 (or MDX-40A with ZCL-40A rotary) which has unique features. Our chuck system is NOT mounted via a threaded post, because such mounting does not give ideal concentricity, nor permit dismount/remount to exactly the same rotation angle.

We provide a rubber-ring centering boss for ideal concentricity between Roland's new rotary and our chuck system. The 4JC-34A also accepts Roland's indexing pin.

Indexing pin hole (lower left) and rubber-ring centering boss (lower right) and M4 mounting screws visible.

Our split mounting system relies on two precision plates - one secured concentric with the JWX-30 (or MDX-40A with ZCL-40A rotary) by three socket head screws, the second carrying the chuck mechanism. They align perfectly concentric, thanks to the rubber-ring centering boss which is unitary from the Roland to the actual chuck center. Rotation is repeatable, thanks to rotation stops on the 3 joining screws.

Securely holding 75 x 50 x 15mm wax slab for 3-sided ring production under the FlipFlopWax Procedure by Fourth Axis. No flip-fixture is required!

This 4JC-34A is the preferred equipment for FlipFlopWax Procedure by Fourth Axis. See our FlipFlopWax tutorial and the ArtCAM thread

Aluminum centering arbor for wax tubes lets you clamp a ring tube exactly centered, in seconds without any measuring.

This independent 4-jaw chuck has reversible jaws, to hold different diameter ranges. They also allow you to grip objects from inside or outside. Examples are illustrated - a wax slab 75 x 50 x 15mm for FlipFlopWax 3-sided ring procedure and a perfectly centered 28mm wax ring tube for simple rotary ring work.

Included with this product are: