FARM (Fourth Axis® Rotary Machinist)

FARM manual control page

What is FARM?

FARM is software that translates PRN files of cut-code intended for MDX-40 + ZCL-40 (or JWX-10) into cut-code that will drive MDX-15/20 fitted with a Fourth Axis® rotary axis unit.

How is FARM useful?

CAM software like Roland Modela Player 4 does not support any rotary work at all on MDX-15/20, because Roland DG Japan does not make a rotary axis unit for MDX-15/20. With FARM, you configure Modela Player 4 for MDX-40 + ZCL-40 (or JWX-10) and discover all the rotary functions! Save your cut-code to a PRN file and fire up FARM, which makes a perfect translation of your complete project (multiple PRN files) that will drive MDX-15/20 fitted with a Fourth Axis® rotary unit.

Is that all FARM can do?

No! FARM will accept valid code intended for MDX-40 + ZCL-40 (or JWX-10) that was generated by almost ANY software CAM package, converting it into code that runs your MDX-15/20 fitted with a Fourth Axis® rotary unit. It's like a universal postprocessor. FARM works with more than Modela Player 4. Instead of asking hundreds of software authors to write postprocessors for our rotary, we wrote FARM to accept valid code intended for the mainstream Roland hardware MDX-40 + ZCL-40 (or JWX-10).

Right, but is FARM smart?

Smarter than you would believe. FARM reads ahead, identifies certain code errors produced by popular software and corrects them. This is a perfect fit with the Fourth Axis® philosophy, respecting the professionalism of our users and setting up dialog between our clients and our technical staff. When we nail down a characteristic code error from popular software, instead of waiting for the author to fix it, often FARM can fix it!


So, what rotary work can FARM do for me?

FARM is a minor miracle.

Your Fourth Axis® is the major miracle. Zero backlash, high resolution (over 3000 steps per revolution), wonderful work-holding accessories, direct angle readout by Rotary Command. The minor miracle is that FARM is included in the pricing.

The latest version of FARM is v1.5 and existing registered users are entitled to a free upgrade. Please use the inquiries form below to tell us your calibration number and make your upgrade request.