MMM (Fourth Axis® MDX Manual Machinist)

What is MMM?

MMM main interface page

Fourth Axis® MDX Manual Machinist (MMM) is control software which will allow you to drive your Roland DG® MDX-15/MDX-20 mill in real-time using individual, manual commands. You can send the commands easily by entering XYZ values and pressing an on-screen button, or enter actual RML-1 language code if you prefer. This is great for learning RML-1.

It is ideal for many simple operations like straight-line cutting, surfacing, drilling and facing, where the operations do not justify writing a program or 3D-drafting then generating a tool path.

Features include:

MMM is supported on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Windows Vista.

MMM jog screen

MMM manual data input screen

MMM comes with an easy Windows installer and a detailed usage manual.

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